Cyborg (CBG) Project by CryptloCEX

Date:2020-05-24 09:09:33

CryptloCEX is very proud to announce that we have successfully bought another project with support of CryptloCEX members. A huge kudos to our members and dev team who made it possible.

Cyborg website and socials have been taken under development to reflect CryptloCEX information.

An IEO will be launched soon to distribute Cyborg (CBG) Tokens that will be used very highly to play cloud based games.

With Cyborg, turn your device into a block-chain gaming machine for high end games. Choose the best gaming set-up to stream your video games.

Cyborg (CBG) will be used as credits to buy. play and sell games.

An advance cloud gaming streaming service with a very high potential.

Upcoming IEO/Private Sale can be tracked here

Stay tuned