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Cyborg (CBG) Private Sale

Cyborg website and socials have been taken under development to reflect CryptloCEX information. Cyborg (CBG) will be used as credits to buy. play and sell games. An advance cloud gaming streaming service with a very high potential. Read more and stay tuned here ......

ICO: Cyborg Payment Currency: Ethereum

Issued:0 Total:5000000000

Starting time:2020-06-05 00:00:00 End Time:2020-08-04 00:00:00

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CLO Gold (Buy with USDT)
Coin: CLO Gold
Tether USD 0.00014500
Coin: RoseCoin
Ethereum 0.00000250
Ethereum 0.00000500
Ethereum 0.00740000
Ripple 0.00100000
TICO Private Sale
Coin: TicoEX
Ethereum 0.00001500
FET Private Sale
Coin: FirstEnerg
Ethereum 0.00005000
ETHBold Private Sale
Ethereum 0.00010000
LYNK Private Sale
Coin: LinkCrypts
Ethereum 0.00001100
XPayPro Private Sale
Coin: XPAY Pro
Ethereum 0.00000020
YUSDT Private Sale
Coin: Yellow Tether
Ethereum 0.00002000
Ethereum 0.00001200
SCN Private Sale
Coin: Silver Coin
Ethereum 0.00150000
CLO Gold Private Sale
Coin: CLO Gold
Ethereum 0.00050000
Ethereum 0.00650000